Home Networking Solutions

VPN for the whole home and all your devices


  • Internet pages loading slowly? 
  • Your favorite Web services are blocked (Mail / News sites / video sharing...)?
  • Paying for multiple VPN accounts?

Don't worry we have a fast, easy and cost effective solution. SecureNetworX redefines Internet freedom with the HomeVPNBox, setting up a permanent VPN connection to your house/apartment.

Get rid of configuration hassles on your iPhone, Android, Laptop, tablets, PC ...

HomeVPNBox Benefits

- Simple: no software, just connect with Wi-Fi or cable
- Faster: no censorship, no Internet filtering 
- Works on all devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, laptop, PC,…
Unique RouterPro VPN security: 2-layer encryption to get through restrictive firewalls

Internet Content Enabler

- Megabit speeds allowing smooth multimedia streaming
- Connect media players (TV, Xbox, AppleTV) to enjoy all Internet content
- Supports LiveTV with StreamBuddy

Easy out-of-the-box plug-n-surf approach.  No change to your existing Internet router set-up.

The initial investment is immediately paid back when you have multiple devices (3+) and reaching significant savings compared to signing up individual VPN accounts.

What we are offering here is a fully proven VPN solution, based on the same technology/platforms we are using for our business customers.

Digital Media Hub & LiveTV

  • Missing your favorite TV Channels as expat?
  • Watch Internet content from the couch?
  • Play all your media on the TV?


- Liberate all your Music/Movies/Photos
- Stream content from any device (HDD/ Phone / PC / NAS)
- HDMI 1.4 / Optical Digital Audio / USB3 / eSATA


- Be connected to your favorite home broadcasters
- 100+ major TV Channels (UK / US / GER / FRA / ITA / ESP /…)
- 75+ optional HD Channels


- Extensive online library with lastest movies
- Access your favorite series with daily updates
- Cartoons
- Replay channels & sports highlights


- Internet Radio
- Social Networks
- Photo sharing
- Video & Audio Podcasts

No technical expertise required: easy out-of-the-box plug-n-watch approach!

Internet where you want it in your home

Not getting that WiFi signal right to the couch?
The Internet Modem sits in the basement and there's no connection on 2nd or 3rd Floor? 

Wireless networks are prone to dead spots, weak signals, and fluctuating speeds. And they're subject to interference from common elements in any household such as walls, cordless phones, microwaves, and more. Our solutions offer more stable connections using adapters that plug into normal electrical outlets or RJ45 outlets (Ethernet).

We can solve that issue: our validated and proven network extension solutions ensure to boost your experience everywhere in your home.


The centerpiece of your Digital Home

Seamless integration of a Server in your own network at home has never been easier with the pre-integrated HomeServer options validated by SecureNetworX. 

Featuring versatile applications for data storing, sharing, and backup, paired with top-notch hardware specifications, our HomeServer solutions provides an extraordinary features with cross-platform support Windows®, Mac®, and mobile devices.

Automated Backup of  all your computers at home and access all of your files remotely.
To respond to the growing needs of data protection, our Home Servers provide local backup, remote backup, and cloud backup alternatives for safeguarding important data with an additional copy.

Store and stream movies, music, photos and other media files to different devices in your home: StreamBuddy, DLNA/UPnP TV sets, hi-fi audio sets, Sony® PS3, Apple TV and Microsoft® XBOX360,...

Personal Cloud
The intuitive Cloud service enables remote connectivity to your files anywhere. Also supports iOS or Android tablets/smartphones with a nice application to access media on the HomeServer instantly.

Printer Sharing
You can also connect one or more USB printers to the HomeServer and share them within the family for wireless network printing.


Personalised Installation & configuration

SecureNetworX provides all the services needed to install and configure the hardware and software into your home network. We can also provide custom solutions that meet your personal needs and demands.

Nothing is impossible. Solutions exist. Don't let you be told otherwise! 

For pricing and more detailed information, please drop us your enquiries.